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      PC600x400 Hammer Crusher

      Introduce Of PC600x400 Hammer Crusher

      PC600x400 hammer crusher is mainly applied to low abrasion materials with medium hardness and compression strength not exceed 100Mpa. Such as coal, salt, chalk, gypsum, bricks, tiles, limestone, etc. It is also used to crush wood chips with strong fiber structure and tenacity, and the waste from asbestos cement to recycle asbestos fiber, etc. In addition, hammer crusher can be not only applied in crushing line and sand production line, but also applied instead of cone crusher.  
      Image of PC600x400 Hammer Crusher:
      hammer crusher
      Working principle of PC600x400 Hammer Crusher

      Hammer crusher (hammer mill) mainly consists of frame, rotor, trapezoidal iron plate, bar grate, etc. And the frame consists of the upper part and the lower part, which are made of welded cut armor plate, while other parts are connected into one by bolts. High manganese steel liners are mounted in the frame and can be replaced after wearing out.

      There are several sets of hammers equipped on the main shaft of the hammer crusher in regular distribution. They constitute the rotor with dial and hammer shaft. Driven by the motor and V-belt, the main shaft rotate with rotors. And the rotors spread to the surrounding extensions under the centrifugal force brought from rotating. So when big materials fall into the crushing cavity of hammer crusher, they will be broken into pieces by high speed rotors. The qualified materials after crushing will be discharged from the gap of grate at the bottom, while those unqualified ones will still stay in the crushing part and then discharged when they reach the acceptable size after repeated actions of hammers and trapezoidal iron plates.

      Performance and features of PC600x400 Hammer Crusher

      PC600x400 Hammer crusher has the advantages of high product capacity, high crushing ratio, low power consumption, uniform products partial size, simple structure, compact and light, low investment cost, easy to management, etc. The defects are: when crushing very hard materials, it will cause greater wear of hammer and grate and consume more metal; it needs more maintenance time and uniform feeding of materials; when crushing soft-moist materials, the capacity will become significantly lower and even stop because of material jam. In order to avoid jam, the moisture content of materials should be less than 10%-15%.

      Technical Data of PC600x400 Hammer Crusher

      Model PC400x300 PC600x400 PC800x600
      Rotor diameter /mm 400 600 800
      Rotor length /mm 300 400 600
      Rotor speed r/min 1100 1000 900
      Max. feeding size /mm <100 <220 <350
      Ouput size /mm 5-10 5-15 5-20
      Capacity  T/h 5-13 10-20 18-30
      Motor power /KW 11 18.5 45
      Number of hammer /piece 16 20 28
      Weight  /T 0.8 1.8 2.8
      Overall dimension  L*W*H/mm 900*670*860 1200*1050*1200 2360*1490*1415
       Note: This specification is just referencing, any changes are subject to the products.
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